David’s Photography

David Toth’s Winning Combination: 
Travel & Photography

David Toth (pictured left) and Walter Kunz

David’s love of adventure and travel has led him to great places, both near and far.  If you take a moment and peek at his photographs, it’s clear that he’s got a talent for capturing beautiful images as well.

 “I’ve been a novice photographer myself for years,” said Walter, (David’s support specialist). “I could see that David has potential.”

David’s interest in photography began when he visited Hawaii.  Since then, David has returned to Hawaii twice, and plans a third trip this November.  This time, he’s eagerly looking forward to photographing active volcanoes, the ocean, wildlife and local sites.  David has quickly progressed from a Nikon Sure Shot digital camera to a professional camera with sophisticated settings.

Most days, David and Walter can be found close to home.  They take day trips throughout the scenic Pocono mountains, where they enjoy photographing an endless variety of landscapes, wildlife, and historic sites.

David’s favorite subjects include majestic shots of the Delaware Water Gap, the historic town of Jim Thorpe, various old homes and mansions, as well as the exciting whitewater of the Lehigh Gorge.

David is eager to dive deeper into photography. He’s planning to enter local photo contests, and may even try to earn extra money.

…Some Photos by David