What’s Happening

Burgers and dogs were hot off the grill!

“Take me out to the Ball Game…”

June 5, 2014
The annual FCS Baseball/BBQ was in FULL SWING on Thursday, June 6th at Dansbury Park.

Over 75 FCS Consumers & Staff attended the event ready to play some ball, see old friends, and make new ones!

..and it's outta here!


Ruby - ready for her big day on June 20th!

If you Believe it, YOU can Achieve it…

May, 29, 2013

Meet Ruby, a 21 year old young lady, who lives in a residential home with FCS and looks forward to so much. Ruby recently attended her Senior Prom at the IU 20, and prepared for the biggest day of her life to date, Graduation from Stroudsburg High School on June 20th!

Ruby admits she will miss socializing with friends, and having great times with her teachers, but looking ahead, she is excited to meet new people at her upcoming full-time job at Burnley Workshop, cooking (possibly attend a cooking class), and taking time to begin writing a book

Prom night!

about her life.

Ruby has realized that support from family and FCS made a big difference in her life, and she realizes the positive changes that have come from that. Ruby stated, “…I’m not giving up…I have a second chance at life, and I see the track it’s taking.” She continues, “…FCS has helped me move on and grow, and I see the positive changes in me…I’m more confident and feel stronger…” Ruby is also very involved with the Best Buddies Program of Stroudsburg High School, and hopes to continue on with the Best Buddies Program of East Stroudsburg University. She is also an active member of the Aktion Club through Kiwanis of Stroudsburg, and FCS Consumer Quality Council.

Congratulations Ruby, “CLASS OF 2013!” And remember: IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!


Spring Has SPRUNG at Fulmer St.

John and Earl happily tending to the garden

May 24, 2013

It’s that time again for the men at Fulmer St. to sow the soil and prepare for a summer harvest. John and Earl, shown left enjoy the planting and

Program Manager, Fred Heller assisting John with final touches

maintenance of their large backyard garden.

House Manager, Fred Heller has encouraged the residents of the FCS group home in Stroudsburg to participate in this annual event, and all have been more than willing to be a part of the gardens success. Scrumptious vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce come from the garden and are enjoyed by both the consumers, as well as friends and family.


Service and Leadership

Kiwanis and the Aktion Club

April 24, 2013

Past President of Aktion Club, Patti Hill, along with current President April Henn, and Kiwanis Advisors, Sue Folk of DES, and Liz Koster of Fitzmaurice Community Services presented

Pictured Left to Right: Sue Folk, Developmental Educational Services, Denise Maza, President of Kiwanis Stroudsburg, April Henn, Aktion Club President, Patti Hill, Past Aktion Club President, and Liz Koster of Fitzmaurice Community Services

their experiences from the Kiwanis International Convention, held in Indianapolis IN, to the Service and Leadership Committee.

Patti and April presented their time spent during the Indianapolis Convention where they networked with fellow officers of Kiwanis, met up with Sylvester Neal, Kiwanis International President, and recalled the uplifting seminars with speakers such as Cory Johnson and Brett Eastburn who motivated and inspired everyone.

The Aktion Club Leaders were sponsored by the Service and Leadership Committee of Kiwanis. Kiwanis of the Stroudsburgs was established in 1922 and has a great history of addressing the needs of the local community and youth of Monroe County. Aktion Club is the only service club for adults with disabilities, with more than 11,000 members worldwide. The Stroudsburg Aktion Club has presented donations for community projects to Pocono Medical Center, Salvation Army, Golden Living Center, Developmental Educational Services and Women’s Resources of Monroe County.


Camp Canadensis 2012
Tradition, Adventure, & the Great Outdoors with Friends!


A Taste of Spring 2012:  Baseball & BBQ with FCS