FAQ’s on Finance through FCS

Representative Payee Services
Working together with the Consumer & Family

  • The needs are determined¬†for day to day living – rent, utilities, recreation, etc…
  • FCS Manages checking and savings accounts, pensions, bonds, certificates of deposit, assets, real estate, legal settlements, etc…
  • Work together to learn how to save money after the needs are met, and grow the funds saved help the beneficiary to complete disability reviews and redeterminations of Social Security eligibility.

Agency with Choice Services

  • Process all necessary fiscal employee-related paperwork Pay the support service workers based on time sheets and mileage logs withhold, file, and pay taxes for the support workers and provide them with wage statements
  • Monitor the spending to make sure that it is being done within the parameters set by the Individual Supports Coordinator Provide monthly statements
  • Submit bills to the ODP for provider reimbursement