FCS offers a wide variety of services to meet the needs of adults with disabilities and their families.

For Adults with Behavioral Health Disorders
The Road to Recovery…
FCS offers many services for individuals with Behavioral Health Disorders, with the main goal to achieve recovery and independence within our community.

Residential Programs from Personal Care to Housing Support Services with independent living are available, along with assistance in medication administration, budgeting and financial assistance as well as landlord negotiations and housing.

Community and opportunities for recreation, education, socialization and support are available at FCS Drop-In centers.

Adults with Developmental Disabilities on
The Road to Independence…

FCS offers many services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities, to instill goals to achieve independence, inclusion in our community and a pride in wellbeing.

We serve our clients with residential services from group home settings with 24-hour staffing to Independent Living Services with staff provided as needed. We support individuals with respite care and Individual Support Services, Companion Services & Habilitation and Recreation.

We advocate for our consumers, and empower our them to “Speak Out,” and take action, by collaborating with area organizations and staying active within the community.