Residential Group Homes

Fitzmaurice Community Services oversees fifteen group homes in Monroe county providing services directly to our clients in the comfort of a residential home setting.

  • Residences can accommodate one to four clients.
  • Trained staff are available to clients from 6 to 24 hours per day.
  • Homes may be double staffed or one-on-one depending on the needs of the resident.
  • Staff are trained to and are capable of:
    • Medication administration assistance
    • Aid in performing daily functions
      • Cooking
      • Cleaning
      • Basic Hygiene
    • Maintaining work and day program schedules
    • Provide transportation to appointments, social events, etc.
    • Advocate and ensure effective medical care for the client
    • Help managing finances
    • Intervene and deescalate crisis situations
  • There are personal care and medically intensive programs available, in which staff are trained to service clients who use specialized equipment like lift vans, shower seats, and CPAP machines.
  • Ultimately, the direct support professionals staffed in our group homes are dedicated to maximizing the quality of life for our residents. Whether it be by facilitating independence through teaching life skills or aiding in essential daily functions.

Lifesharing through Family Living

How it works:  Individualized goals are developed for each person in a Lifesharing family setting.  Recreational, educational and social opportunities that the individual shows an interest in are explored and made available.  Individuals with Behavioral Health or Intellectual Disabilities live with a Lifesharing family and may work, attend a vocational training program, senior or school program.

  • Lifesharing is a residential alternative where individuals become part of a family
  • Provides an atmosphere where permanent relationships are built
  • Individuals learn life skills and grow to experience life at its fullest

If you’re interested in sharing your home, and building a permanent relationship….

  • Families interested in Lifesharing are interviewed by our Lifesharing Specialists to find the best-match lifestyles:
    • Work Schedules
    • Location of residence
    • Recreational interests
  • An application process is completed by the Lifesharing providing family
  • A extensive training process is completed by the Lifesharing providing family

Independent Living with Supports

Individuals with intellectual disabilities may live independently in their own home, but need supports for things such as doctors visits, grocery shopping, or guidance with everyday living skills and reaching their goals.  Our experience habilitation and companion service providers are there to provide the support needed to keep these individuals living independently in our community as productive citizens.

For more information on our Supportive Living Services, please contact Roisin Lambert at (570) 213-4354, or email: