What Does it Mean To Work for Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc.?

Annette Keenhold
Residential Program Manager
FCS Employee Since August, 1989

Annette has been with FCS for the past 20 years beginning as a Program Manager for four of FCS group homes, and moved on to the Supported Living Program.

“…Supported Living is a most rewarding position at FCS, as you can watch the growth in every one of your consumers as they begin to advocate for themselves. I see positive changes everyday, and the most rewarding aspect of my position is to see the appreciation from whom I work with for my assistance. I enjoy participating in consumer’s interests and hobbies, and encourage them to follow their desires and reach their goals.”

Nat and Ferdi B

Nat Hicks
Residential Program Manager
Intellectual Disability Services
FCS Employee Since June, 1989

“I have learned a lot from being with FCS for a long time, as you can observe individual’s  actions and behaviors in a positive way by listening and learning about the individuals you serve, working as a team  with fellow staff members, and using strategies to help the individuals complete or accomplish their goals. I believe I have affected individuals in the group home by being here for over 20 years by giving individuals support,  guidance, understanding, and listening without judgment so the individual can succeed to the best of their ability.”



ChrisBumfordChristine Bumford
Assistant Vice President of Behavioral Health Services
FCS Employee Since 1993

“I have met so many wonderful individuals over the past 22 years and have been grateful to see them advance in their recovery and reach their own personal goals. I have so many fond memories of camping trips, dances, outings, parties and all of the wonderful activities we were able to participate in with the individuals we serve…”