How Does Lifesharing Work?

FCS staff work with family lifesharing providers and individuals to find the “best match” possible. This process takes place through interviews about life styles, work hours, location of residence and recreational interests.

Once a match has been made, visits then begin. These consist of meals together and overnight visits. During this time, FCS staff work on ensuring the home meets licensing requirements, and ensures that the transition process is a smooth one.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I be a Lifesharing Provider?
Lifesharing Providers can be a married couple, or a single person to become responsible for the individual.

What will I be Responsible for? Lifesharing Provider responsibilities include housing, food, transportation and personal care for the new family member, as well as assisting the achievement of the individuals personalized goals.

Personalized goals are developed for each person placed into a Lifesharing Family. The goals are based on the individual’s needs, wants, and future goals and direction. Recreational, educational and social opportunities that the “new family member” shows interest in should be explored and made available to them. The individual may already have a job, thus will continue to work, attend either a vocational training program or school program as well.