Residential Services for Adults with Behavioral Health Disorders

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FCS encourages its clients to participate in their recovery process through choices they make within individualized services. Involving our clients in the development and execution of their individual service plan is part of our mission to facilitate maximum independence. Listed below are some of the housing options available through our agency:

Residential Group Homes

FCS oversees eleven group homes in Carbon, Monroe, Pike, and Northampton county providing services directly to our clients in the comfort of a residential home setting.

·         Our group home settings are designed to support the independence of individuals with behavioral health disorders.

·         Residences can accommodate three to eight clients.

·         Homes are located close to schools, shops, churches and US routes to emphasize and encourage community involvement.

·         Highly qualified and trained direct support professionals are available for less than 8 and up to 24 hours per day depending on the needs of the client.

·         Staffing ranges from an 8 hour single staff shift to around the clock double staffing.

·         Our direct support professionals help client’s transition into independent community living through:Smiles4

Medication administration assistance
Aid in performing daily functions
Maintaining work and day program schedules
Provide transportation to appointments, social events, etc …
Advocate and ensure effective medical and psychiatric care for the client
Help in managing finances
Intervene and deescalate crises situations

Personal Care Homes

FCS has specialized, licensed homes in Carbon and Monroe county that offer intensive care for adults who are unable to return to the community independently.

These homes are available to adults with serious mental health diagnoses that may be combined with significant health issues.

  • 24 hour per day staffing.
  • Highly skilled staff experienced in medically complex and serious mental illness care offer assistance with:





Medication administration

CPAP machines

Independent Living

  • Individuals with behavioral health disorders live in a residential environment that is client operated.
  • These homes require no staff supervision, but staff is available if the need for assistance is required.

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