Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc. is an organization dedicated to building bright futures for people with special needs, their families, and the staff who support them in reaching their goals. Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc. creates an environment that fosters Independence, Individuality, Productivity and Inclusion in the community through customized services provided by highly-qualified and motivated employees.

Our Promise and Vision

Our Consumers, Their Families, Our Employees, and Our Community deserve our best. To achieve our mission and vision, we must put our ideas into action, be innovative in our field, contributors of knowledge, investors of solutions, and explorers of ideas.

We intend to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, and support our organization and our mission through personal commitment, professionalism, good character, pride, honesty, and teamwork.

We treat those we serve with compassion and respect. We demand the best of ourselves and the people that work and interface with us.

Value Statement

As a Provider, Employer and Charity of Choice in our community, Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc. is committed to continually expanding services through innovative projects.